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FLUGCOM develops advanced aerospace communication products and systems worldwide.


FLUGCOM GmbH is a leading manufacturer and service provider in the field of airport communication and navigation based in Germany. FLUGCOM uses expert engineers and technicians to provide the best support for its customers.

We have taken steps towards innovation by using the latest technologies. Innovation and using the latest technologies are main features of our products. We are customer oriented and provide the best for our customers.
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Our expert research and development team work continuously to develop our products and   more innovation and using the latest technology are features that are well seen in our products.

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The latest technology in design and manufacturing processes use in all of our products.

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We do our best to support our customers. we provide the best after sale services as well as sale services and before sale services.

We are always by your side

Before Sale Services

In Flugcom, we give you consultancy services for proper purchases in: site design, antenna design, coverage calculation, etc.
We can also provide total solutions e.g. providing additional equipment from different vendors.

Within Sale Services

We do our best to provide the best products and services for our customers.

After Sale Services

We provide you, long time warranty and after sale services. Within this time, our customers can contact us in different ways (such as the website, Email, Video call and etc.) to get help in operation and maintenance.